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Pickers Guide: How to Identify, Find Expensive Designer Handbags at Estate Sales?

Posted by Tonza Borden on March 5, 2013 at 3:50 PM

Hermes Birkin Bag Matte Orange Crocodile

Palladium Hardware - $56,999.00

Lots of women enjoy carrying expensive designer handbags. In this picker’s guide, I will walk you through some of the various types of uber expensive handbags, which could possibly be found at upscale estate liquidation sales.

You need deep pockets when shopping for these handbags anywhere since the prices can be very high. However, mistakes in identiying and selling them are made all the time. 

Designer handbags will no doubt cost you a pretty penny although there are many other quality purses you can find at reasonable prices such as Coach, Dooney & Bourke...

You won't find gently used, expensive designer handbags at most estate sales, but when you do they may be out of your reach if you are not willing to pay the asking price.

Designer handbags are highly sought after by women with exquisite tastes, handbag collectors and resellers. You may have to shop around at several estate sales to find them.

Just like shopping at Macy's or Neiman Marcus for these handbags, these are cash and carry sales. Unlike the department stores, estate sales are first come, first served because there is only a one-of-a-kind item.

Many women have an expensive designer handbag fetish so there is a ready market if you can find and sell these coveted handbags. Many women already have a selection of designer handbags to select from for various occasions because the same style might not go well for work or a formal event but, there's always room for one more.

When picking designer handbags, you need to know how to identify the most expensive ones prior to buying them.

With so many types of designer handbags available, you must be able to spot the one’s that are expensive and have high resell value.

 When you are looking for used expensive designer handbags, you need to also consider designer backpacks such as Gucci. Even though there are a few who would argue that designer backpacks are not handbags, in recent years I have seen more ladies wearing them in place of their traditional handbag.

Since they evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders, Gucci designer backpacks are often more comfortable. While practical, the stylish factor for designer backpacks has increased lately with more and more designers creating them.

As women's love affair with expensive designer handbags continue, the popularity of them increases.

Designer handbags are made for any occasion with different styles and sizes available, as you will see below. The various types of expensive designer handbags I have displayed in this article are just a sampling of what you could possibly find at high-end estate sales.

10 of the Most Expensive Designer Handbags In Different Styles And Sizes


1. The Mouawad's 1001 Nights Diamond Purse - $3.8 million

Officially certified by Guinness World Records the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is now the most expensive designer handbag in the world at $3.8 million. The heart-shaped purse is handcrafted from 18kt gold and has 4,517 diamonds (4,356 colorless, 105 yellow, 56 pink) with a total weight of 381.92 carats. It was made by ten artisans who worked on it for a total of 8,800 hours.


2. The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka bag created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka - $1.9 million

This Hermes bags was apparently sold in 2008 for around $1.9 million. It is made of platinum and has over 2,000 diamonds. It is also versatile, so that in addition to being a handbag you can also use the diamond strap as a necklace or bracelet by removing it from the bag. The bag itself has an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can also be used separately.


3. The Chanel "Diamond Forever" Classic Handbag - $261,000

The "Diamond Forever" classic handbag boasts 334 diamonds for a total of 3.56 carats, in 18-carat white gold. The shoulder straps are also made from white gold. There are only 13 available worldwide, with five of them being in the USA.


4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch carried by Helen Mirren - $250,000

Lana Marks produces one Cleopatra clutch for retail each year. The one in the picture is made of metallic silver alligator skin and a clasp with 1,500 black and white diamonds in 18-carat white gold. Helen Mirren wore the $250,000 Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch at the 2007 Academy Awards. Lana only allows one star per year to carry her handmade diamond studded designs down the crimson carpet.



 5. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag - $120,000

Named after British singer/actress Jane Birkin. The clasp of this tote boasts 10 carats of white diamonds. The bag itself is made of crocodile. You can get cheaper versions sarting at around $5000.

6. Judith Leiber Precious Rose Handbag - $92,000

The Precious Rose is in the shape of a perfect flower, the bag has 1,016 diamonds totaling 42.56 carats, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. There is only one available in the world.

7. Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Handbag - $42,000

Twenty are available in Louis Vuitton stores in Europe and Asia but the 4 in the USA have already been sold.


8. Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino - $38,470

This crocodile Gadino Bag from Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino has 39 white diamonds strategically placed in clasps of white gold.


9. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag - $38,000

One of Marc Jacobs' most popular bags despite the hefty price tag. Purple crocodile skin, quilted with interior pockets and separators.


10. Fendi Selleria Handbag - $38,000

Can be made to order with sable and chinchilla, two of the world's rarest and most expensive animal skins. Big enough to accommodate a wallet, keys, cell phone and makeup bag.

Don't think that anyone of these expensive designer handbags could not possibly be sold at an estate sale. Dispite one's ignorance, estate sales are where legends and fortunes are made.


Thanks for reading! Post a Comment to ask me anything about estate sales!

:  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide.

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6:50 AM on July 25, 2016 
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Reply TC
5:56 AM on November 19, 2013 
I found your site from putting in Google ?finding preowned designer handbag liquidators? and your website came up. I have an online business where I sell new and preowned designer handbags, accessories and sometimes apparel. I?m looking for a site or service that offers a way to purchase handbags in bulk or for competitive prices. Do you know of anything like this. Any service like this? If you do estate sales do you come across handbags? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you don?t have anything information but you can direct me to some estate sale websites or auction sites, etc. I?m looking for higher end designer handbag and accessories in pretty good condition to pristine at competitive prices.

Any help or direction you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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