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Estate Sale Clients: Who Are The Potential Clients For Your Estate Sale Business With The Best Personal Property To Sell? Part I

Posted by Tonza Borden on September 22, 2013 at 6:55 PM

For the most part, seniors have accumulated the most and best personal property over the years, especially since the Great Depression.

A period when they had to make do with what they had and could not afford to throwaway anything, which caused many of them to hang on to things until they have to move or forced to downsize.

Then the question becomes what can I take with me? Downsizing produces new possessions for estate sales that were unavailable.

People in general have things that they acquire in order to explore a new hobby, not to mention obsolete fashions, footwear and house wares.

Downsizing is usually necessitated by involuntary circumstances such as illness, death of a spouse, move-in with children or into a small apartment, divorce or relocation.

Whatever the reason, the process of de-cluttering, purging, thinning, sorting or disposing has begun to downsize a home filled from top to bottom with acquisitions spanning one’s lifetime, marriage, etc.

Throughout one’s life, young or old, people typically accumulate a large volume of personal property.

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Written by Tonza Borden from Atlanta, Georgia:  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide. 

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