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Estate Sales Classified Ads Guide

Posted by Tonza Borden on May 29, 2013 at 3:45 PM


How to Attract New Estate Sale Clients and Prospects to Make Your Ads Click and Phone Ring!

What is in this Estate Sales Classified Ads Guide for your business? Six simple elements to multiply the effectiveness of your estate sales and leftover goods classified advertising and promotion.


You have also just found the most valuable resource for getting your first estate sale client and growing your estate sale business.


Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Classified ads don’t work—unless they’re on Craigslist.


People Buy Categories First


I am not knocking the big “C”, but it takes a lot of time and effort to muddle through those categories to find estate sale ads, which are hidden under GARAGE SALES.


To each his own, but a dedicated website for estate sales classified ads can be an enormously effective way to get quality client leads for your estate sale business, and sell leftover estate sale items.


Are you using the big “C” or the local newspaper for traditional estate sale advertising and client leads, but none of them are working? Have you wasted your advertising budget and seen no results? Are you throwing money away by donating sellable leftover goods?


When it comes to advertising and promotion, you need a new strategy that contributes profits to your client and your business balance sheet.


A well-written estate sales classified ad that help an estate sale client and estate sale company solve each other’s problems using local, targeted, online classified advertising with photos and video are that powerful new advertising strategy.


The main objective of a dedicated website for targeted classified advertising is to make your ads click and phone ring!


This guide teaches you six powerful ways to make your phone ring off the hook with estate sale clients and prospects with your classifieds. You will also see examples and proven words, that you can immediately start using with this new tool to earn more profits from your advertising.


First, I want to explain WHY people respond to well-written classified advertising and promotion, which will help you get target prospects to respond to your advertising including Adwords ads, press releases and estate sale descriptions…


How to Make Your Estate Sales Classified Advertising More Effective Instantly?


Write a dynamic ad to sway your prospects decision from one estate sale company or leftover item to yours, that will push them over the edge and make them say “yes” to hiring you or purchasing your product.


More to the point, estate sale clients and prospects must perceive that the service they are considering will:



Before you can solve their problem or deliver your unique selling proposition, you must first know what your client leads are looking for, what their problems and desires are, and what they want to achieve from an estate sale. Ask these questions during the initial contact to elicit as much of this information as possible.


Also, the more you can relate to their emotional situation, how they feel about their problems and estate sale goals, the more you will connect with them, and the more receptive they will be to your proposition to help.


An estate sale classified ad sound simple to write, but 95% of people get it wrong. It’s critical that you get it right.


In essence, your ad needs to be all about what your prospect can BE, DO or HAVE—because your proposition to help is all about THEM.


Ask not what prospects, clients or buyers can do for you, but what you can do for them.


When client leads read your company profile, make sure that they are focusing on what you can DO for them. 


People, in general, care only about their own situation, and ignore anything that doesn’t provide an answer to an immediate pressing problem they’re facing, or an immediate benefit they’re seeking.

Therefore, rather than focusing advertising on how professional you are, focus it on the core desires of your estate sale clients and prospects.


How to Get Enormous Results from Free Estate Sales Classified Ads?


I assure you, the minute you change your focus from promoting yourself (company), to understanding your estate sale prospects, and offering to solve their problems or deliver benefits better than any other estate sale company, you will instantly increase your client volume and income.


Here is a checklist of six elements you can use when building estate sales classified ads:


1. Every classified ad must start with a powerful, attention-getting headline.

A good headline is the single element that will make your ad stand out from the competitors and get read by the person you’ve targeted for the ad. Remember, if your ad doesn’t get seen, it won’t get read or acted upon. The headline is a two or three punch word phrase that attract your desired reader, interest and motivate them to read your ad and contact you. It should be typed in bold print on the first line of your classified.


2. Promote BENEFITS, not features.

Features don’t sell. In other words, hiring and buying decisions are emotional. After an emotional decision is made, people usually justify their decision with logical reasons for hiring you. Why should someone hire your estate sale company over any other company? Use power words to reveal the most important benefits of hiring your company or to sell such as: “Overcome Fear of Having an Estate Sale”, “Overcome Fear of Starting an Estate Sale,” “We Give Our Clients the Attention They Deserve”, “No More Fear of Having an Estate Sale”, “Protect Yourself with an Estate Sale Contract”, “Avoid Mistakes by Others and Protect Yourself from Losing Your Money by Hiring This Professional Estate Sale Company Now”, “Don’t Waste Your Time with a Do-It-Yourself Estate Sale”, “Save Time—We Provide Fast, Easy Estate Sale Results”, “All Estate Sale Items are a BARGAIN”!


3. Promote your client’s estate sale items as BARGAINS.

It’s unanimous! Everyone is naturally attracted to getting a good deal. What if your estate sale is high-end and upscale? What if the clients are unreasonable and want the items overpriced? The short answer is: Overpriced items don’t sell. These clients may need an estate auction opposed to an estate sale. Remember, when items don’t sell, that makes your clients angry and blames you—for everything. My suggestion is: Know what level of pricing your clients are expecting before you agree to do the sale. When you are managing estate sales with “down-to-earth” pricing, you should promote it by using words such as, “Priced to Sell Out”, “Incredible Bargains”, “Below Appraisal”, or using a headline such as, “Attention Bargain Hunters.”


What Creates Bargains for Buyers?


Almost everything in “regular” estate sales can be sold as a bargain. There is always someone who will buy it if the price is low enough. How cheaply you will price and sell is dependent upon these factors:


  • How badly does the client need to sell it? Are they in a money fix?
  • How quickly does the client need to sell it? Does it need to be removed from the house quickly?
  • Is there a high demand for these household items…?
  • Is the demand high, but the market availability saturated?


The law of supply and demand and the time you have to sell a house full of items (1-3 days) are the controlling factors. Hopefully, the client is not in love with the contents. The more desperate the seller is to get rid of their stuff, the lower you can price it for a quick sale, more profits and a sell out! If the prices are too high, buyers will walk away.

 4. Make an offer to your prospect.

Remember, prospects won’t call you without a self-serving, IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. Give them specific reasons to respond to your advertising. How do you make an offer in your classified ads? Package something specific to their situation, such as for “Free”. For example, “Free Estate Sale Consultation Reveals All About Hiring Us to Do Your Estate Sale.”


5. Make a CALL TO ACTION to your prospects.

Tell readers exactly what to do. If I never share another piece of advice with you, please take this to heart. During the first phone conversation with a prospect and at the assessment/consultation, listen carefully to what they really want in their situation. With the best solution in mind, tell them what to do in a direct and confident way, and give them meaningful reasons why it is in their best interests to do it. Clients hire estate sale companies to help them make decisions. Don’t be afraid of rejection or have the confidence to look the clients in the eye and tell them what to do! In your classified ad state, “Call Now for Your Free Estate Sale Assessment.”


6. Create an URGENCY to respond.

Many people want to have an estate sale, and know they must have one, but they don’t feel a sense of urgency. Your estate sale classified ad has to work hard to get them to click your ad and make your phone ring! How? Create urgency with words and phrases that move prospects to act such as:  “Don’t Delay Your Estate Sale,” Act Now to Have An Estate Sale,” Call Today to Schedule a Free Assessment,” Call Now to Book Your Estate Sale,” “Have Your Estate Sale While the Weather Is Nice,” “Avoid an Emergency Estate Sale, Call Now,” “Have No Fear; Leave Your Estate Sale to Us.” Then test different ads until you start getting results.

You have learned six powerful elements for turning your estate sales classified ads into client magnets.


My final guidance for attracting client leads and selling products fast is to use free classified ads to advertise and promote your services and leftover items! Why? In addition to helping estate sale clients and estate sale companies connect; people buy categories that contain a wealth of related services and products they are seeking.


In short, post your ad in the right category and make sure that it is a statement that addresses the following points:


  • Here’s what we are selling.
  • Here’s how much it will cost.
  • Here’s what’s in for you.
  • Here’s why you should trust us.


When you incorporate the six elements, your classified ads will get read, your website will be visited, and your phone will ring. The more calls and emails you get about your ads, the better the chances of booking regular estate sales.


Don’t miss their calls when you’re not there. Have your calls and email forwarded!


Examples of Estate Sales Classified Ads

Identify the elements in each ad and start building and posting your own.

Ad #1

Wanted Estate Sale Clients

Avoid mistakes by others and protect yourself from losing your money by hiring this professional estate sale company now! Have no fear; leave your estate sale to us. Call today while the weather is nice! Mary Townsend, Owner, J&J Estate Sale Company,, 770-555-5555.

Ad #2

Overcome Fear of Having an Estate Sale

Free estate sale consultation reveals all about hiring us to do your estate sale. Call today to schedule a free assessment! Joe Blankenship, Owner, Estate Sales for Seniors,, 678-222-2222.


Thanks for reading. Post a Comment to ask me anything about estate sales!

 :  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide. 

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