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Picker's Guide: How Estate Junk Can Become a Picker's Treasure Trove?

Posted by Tonza Borden on February 15, 2013 at 2:15 PM

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Pick everywhere. Success or failure is in your determination to find valuable things to sell or accumulate. Do you know that you can take someone else's junk and make a business? I did it with a service called Junk Lady Salvage, which provided FREE home clean out and hauling for residences and businesses.

I am a picker by nature, which also helps me to identify and price items for our estate sales.

The idea of becoming a "junk dealer" came from realizing that many people need help to eliminate junk.

As a girl, I was curious when the J. T. Knight "junk man" came to our neighborhood to collect things that people didn't want. He was picking!

I've always enjoyed recycling so I thought, if a man can do it, I can too — with finesse.


I bought a used pick up truck and went door-to-door handing out flyers in upscale neighborhoods. Except for a friend helping me to hand out flyers, I didn't have any help to get the service started.

Make Good Use Of "Free"

From the time I started that service people wrote what a great idea! Over the years, I served many satisfied clients — because the service was FREE.

The opportunities to help people get rid of stuff they no longer need or want is still virtually everywhere. The key to my success and profitability was: make good use of anything FREE.

Some people save their junk to give to charitable organizations for a tax deduction. Nevertheless, you will still get plenty of calls!

Clean out and hauling is hard work, but I loved it. And because I loved the work, it brought me all the "good" junk I wanted. Follow these simple steps for your success:

  • Run simple ads in neighborhood newspapers or Google Adwords to clean out and haul Estate household junk and leftover yard sale items for FREE.
  • Use your pick up truck or rent a U-Haul (as needed) for large hauls.
  • Get a couple of guys or gals to help you with the heavy lifting (they will be amazed at "the haul")
  • Get accurate directions the first time, pick up time, contact name and phone number, etc.
  • Pack, load, broom clean the property (as needed) and go. That's all there is to it!

I decided what I would or would not haul such as hazardous household waste, trash, etc. If you want to do that, charge at least  $60/hr. for truck and two helpers. Let them know that you only pick up "good" things. 

You can rent a storage room to sort and store your treasure until you decide how you want to sell/dispose of it.

Operate your service in a timely and professional manner. This makes your clients happy.

From the beginning, I shared gently used blankets, pillows, furniture, file cabinets, chairs, dishes, clothing and much more with local churches and homeless shelters because there was so much stuff.

Some of the treasure was unopened gifts, unused money orders, gold jewelry, a rare bottle of Absinthe, 1833 Chinese Woodblock prints, Chinese bronze, photo gravures, historical memorabilia, vintage cars, collectible and rare books, miniature daguerreotype photographs, shell fossils, Tiffany Sterling, watches...

This type of service is a win-win opportunity for an entire community to benefit (and for you to place flyers for additional advertising).

Initially, I published a newsletter and attached a cover letter that I mailed to prospects such as property managers of upscale (furnished) corporate apartments.

I also got a lot of business by putting flyers on cars at upscale churches during service, and from my web page.

With a little creativity, one man's junk can become a picker's treasure trove. This is a fun way to get good stuff free and drive competitor pickers crazy.

They'll always be trying to figure out how you're finding treasure and making money.

Here's an exclusive Sample Letter To Write To Prospects. It can be modified to meet your requirements.

Dear Attorney Johnson or Mr. Johnson (Property Manager):  I am writing to you concerning business referrals for the disposal of your client's Estate junk or unwanted corporate housewares... How many times have grieving clients come to you for advice on how to dispose of Estate junk?

Did you know what to tell them? If they hold a garage sale, it only adds to the heartbreak and it's aggravating to have to wait for buyers to show up and make pennies.

A garage sale is too time-consuming to bother with. There is a better answer in [Georgia] — My Salvage & Hauling.

We cleanout and haul junk contents of old Estates, garages, basements, attics, storage units... Our services include:

  • Remove all furniture and any other items left not to be moved by the owner.
  • Clean out all remaining items in closets, cabinets, etc. and leave apartment/house in "broom clean" condition.

Our service to you or business referral involves absolutely no money, investment or responsibility on your part. My Salvage & Hauling can help you and/or your clients by cleaning out all of the leftover Estate junk, pack it up, broom clean (sweep/vacuum) the entire house and haul it away — at no cost to you.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of our service or business referrals in detail. My Salvage & Hauling can help you.


Sample Ad To Run In The Local (Community) Newspaper FREE or Google Adwords PAID:  Home Clean Out & Hauling in Georgia. Need to do a clean out of your Estate, house, condo, attic, basement, garage, storage room, etc. but don't want the hassle of hauling Estate junk away? My Salvage & Hauling can help. Call Kate @ 555-555-5555. 

Thanks for reading. Post a Comment to ask me anything about estate sales!

:  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide.

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