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How to Build an Effective Estate Sale Business Web Site with Built-In eMail Marketing?

Posted by Tonza Borden on February 15, 2013 at 2:15 PM

As the Internet continues to expand, more and more people are going online in search of products, services and the perfect online business opportunity. Today's businesses need more than an Internet presence. You need an effective business web site that acts like a digital marketing arm of the company.

Let me show you all the simple and easy steps to building a business web site with to provide estate, auction or Real Estate services, a blog and related products and services. provides a variety of template choices... for everyone.

I use a content management system for And, for its parent site, I decided to use it as well instead of Wordpress that I found to be difficult to manage when the template breaks. I have not had a problem with template breakage with

You can also build a Facebook Fan page, but you will get a lot of unwanted traffic and SPAM comments. That is another reason I stopped using Wordpress.

As my audience knows, when I find something GREAT, I don't hesitate to share it with you.


The steps to building a web site are as follows:


  • Go to to set up your account
  • Enter site title
  • Select site category
  • Select a theme
  • Choose pages for your site:  Home, Blog, Photo Gallery, About Me, and Contact Me.


Later, you can select applications for Calendar, Forms, Webstore, Guestbook, etc. An effective business service web site should at least have those five pages. free site offers ten pages, but the Enhanced Premium Package, which is what I recommend, offers multiple pages, apps, email, and built-in email marketing!

Insider Secret:  This package provides [company] email (opposed to free email) that you can use to submit press releases through dominant online PR firms to announce your new business. no longer offer HTML only web sites, but the SiteBuilder mode is easy-to-use and just as effective. 

Remember, a professional business web site should have at least the five pages mentioned above. Page one of your web site is the home page or landing page.

This page should have a gorgeous photograph or slideshow that represents your service.... In terms of basic search engine optimization (SEO), this page should contain metadata (specific keywords), which is how people will search Google, Bing and/or Yahoo (major search engines) to find your web site.

Use keywords such as estate sales in Pennsylvania, estate sale companies in PA, etc. The category of estate sale, estate liquidation, estate auction or auction liquidation is important and should be the prominent feature in your keyword selections, as well as web site title and description. Many sites ignore basic SEO, which is why they don't show up in the top three positions on the search engine results pages (SERP).

Page two should list and explain your services with photos that enhance the text.

Page three can be the service radius page, FAQs page or about us page... giving visitors detail information about your business.

Page four can be the photo gallery page or estate sale calendar page.

Page five can be the Contact Us form, which allows visitors to email you.

As estate sellers, many of us operate our businesses from home, which we have registered with our local city and zoning authorities, therefore our business phone number is public information.

Cautionary note, posting any office phone number online or elsewhere may entice criminals to phone ahead to make sure no one is home....

In the age of technology and digital marketing, a business owner cannot afford not to have and maintain a web site or public phone number. Most consumers have stopped using phone books and newspapers to find products and services. They're looking online. Your business web site needs to be their one stop!

If you decide to build a web site, then consider buying a domain name first because it's cheaper! Great SEO requires that the business name keyword and location be in the domain, i.e.,

Consider your location or something that sets your estate sale company apart from similar services in your area. Make sure that the domain you choose is easy for people to remember and immediately sets your company apart.

Finally, one thing you will notice when your site reaches the top three positions in SERPs is that the competition will rename their sites to identify with your domain name. They're like hummingbirds sipping your link juice:). skills required:  If I can do it, you can do it!

Thanks for reading. Post a Comment to ask me anything about estate sales!" target="_blank">

Written by Tonza Borden from Atlanta, Georgia:  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide.

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