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How to Use Affirmations to Attract a Profitable Estate Sale?

Posted by Tonza Borden on February 1, 2013 at 3:25 PM

Estate liquidators and clients should read these affirmations and watch the profitable estate sale mind programming video every day to be more open to having and attracting a profitable estate sale.


You will have a profitable and successful estate sale


You will hire a professional estate sale service


Your estate sale will sell out to the bare walls


You have investment grade antiques for sale


You have excellent traditional and luxury furnishings for sale


Your first estate sale is profitable


It is natural for you to have a profitable estate sale


You value estate sales


You see having an estate sale as important to you


Estate sales are good


You congratulate yourself about a successful estate sale


You are greatly rewarded for your estate sale


You take 100% responsibility for your estate sale


You feel comfortable having an estate sale


A profitable estate sale is coming to you


You love estate sales


You have good stuff to sell


Your estate sale items are priced for a quick sale


You listen to estate sale success programming each day


You think bigger than a garage sale


You deserve an estate sale


You erase all negative thoughts about estate sales


You avoid negative messages about estate sales


You give value to buyers with an estate sale


Big estate sale money is coming to you


You admire estate sale professionals


Your estate sale attracts more buyers to it


You see having an estate sale as good


You value and admire estate sales


You visualize a profitable estate sale


You feel comfortable having an estate sale


Estate sale money is coming to you


All of your estate sale items will sell


You have a good relationship with your estate liquidator


You visualize your estate sale success


You visualize having a profitable estate sale


You think estate sales are good


You focus on liquidating your estate


You are making progress towards your estate sale


You are a winner in the estate sale world


Buyers notice your quality items and feel comfortable attending your estate sale


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Written by Tonza Borden from Atlanta, Georgia:  Hi, I'm estate liquidator of, and publisher of Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success: REAL Estate Sale Techniques & Templates To Go From Beginner To Getting An Endless Stream Of Estate Sale Clients. I help people find the resources they need to succeed in estate liquidation, worldwide. 

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